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Adventure Rides With TUbliss Tires

Motorcycle Tires November 6, 2016

To begin with personal experience, as a rider I am fond of adventure riding in the woods, hills and other grounds in general. But when it comes to riding on rocky roads and hard terrain tracks, my experience has been a little unpleasant due to the trouble I have with inner tubes. Lately, I have found TUbliss tire and I have had it over a year now. Lets move categorically to explain how the mechanism of TUbliss tire works.

Tubliss Tire Adventure Rides

TUbliss replaces your regular 21″, 19″, or 18″ inner tube with a red bead lock liner and high pressure miniature inner tube. What this combination does is to create an air chamber that is separated from the wheel by the red line. It also creates a 360 degree bead lock that clamps the sidewalls of the tire to the rim. Moreover the high pressure inner tube and stiff red bead lock liner forms a sort of buffer or bump stop at 100 psi that generates an impact against the rim.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  1. Better traction – TUbliss allows the rider to have a safe ride or run on much lower tire pressure because dropping the pressure increases the contact patch which eventually and instantly increases the traction.
  2. No pinch flats – No tube, means no pinch flats – this allows you to safely run lower tire pressures without the risk of the dreaded pinch flat.
  3. Better rim protection – It provides not only 100 psi protection against rim damage but also helps to stabilize the tire closer to the rim. This allows the sidewall to absorb more of the impact before it gets to the rim.
  4. Save weight – Experts opine that saving a pound of rotating weight in the wheels is equivalent to saving 6-10 pounds of weight off the bike. This translates into improved acceleration, braking & handling.

The Critical Part of TUbliss Tire

Installation is a crucial task of TUbliss tire and if carried out professionally does wonders and renders the riders all the above mentioned benefits. Failing to do so, the struggle might get on your nerves. So to initialize the necessary installation, take your time and follow the instructions to avoid unnecessary and ill surprises. When installing TUbliss or even changing tires, it is absolutely critical that you do not nick or hook the red inner liner. This is one of the problems that people encounter during the installation. Besides that there are two versions to the liner.

  • Older version being much thinner and easier to damage.
  • Newer version (replaced the older version last winter) being at least 2x more durable than the old liner. You will know if you have a new liner if the underside is orange vs black.

Which Tire Is The Best Match With TUbliss

In view of my personal experience, the best match with TUbliss tire so far is either Maxxis or Bridgestone. This is fundamentally due to stiffer tire collars which allow the riding to be more stable, comfortable and have extra traction in the corners. Read more about Tubliss and matching tires.

Author Bio: Martin has been motocross rider since he was 4 years old. For the first 12 years he did the sport professionally, after that he has been focused on business. He still enjoy’s riding and one of his passions is writing unbiased and trustworthy reviews on dirt bike gear and parts www.motocrossadvice.com.