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Motorcycle Security System

motorcycle security system October 28, 2014

Motorcycle theft is on the rise and there is no better way of deterring a would be thief than with a motorcycle security system in place. There are many high-tech security systems available today designed to stop thieves in their tracks. Which systems work the best to protect your motorcycle? We will examine some of the best motorcycle security systems and even some of the tried and true low-tech motorcycle security system alternatives.

One of the best motorcycle security systems I have found so far is a disc brake lock with an alarm. Disc brake locks by themselves are a great deterrent because they are attached through the brake rotor and will not allow the rear wheel to turn past the brake caliper or the swing arm. Disc brake locks with an alarm are an even better way of protecting your motorbike. Depending on the model you purchase, even the slightest touch on any part of the motorcycle will cause the alarm to go off. Some alarms are more sensitive than others and sometimes even a slight breeze can activate it. Luckily most motorcycle security system alarms reset themselves after only a few seconds so you won’t have to go out to your bike and manually shut it off. Disc brake locks with alarms vary in price. I would suggest going for one of the higher end models.

GPS locators work great for finding your motorcycle if it has been stolen. There are many models available that work using web enabled tracking or cellular tracking. Most models use cellular tracking through many of the larger cell phone carriers. This type of system allows you to keep the police informed of the location of your motorcycle. There is one motorcycle security system that works directly with the police in the event that your motorbike has been stolen. This service is LoJack and it informs you via phone, e-mail, or text message if your motorcycle has been moved. After you have confirmed that your motorbike has been stolen, you should immediately contact the police to file a report and tell them you have LoJack installed on your bike. They will then use the LoJack computer system to track and locate your stolen motorcycle. The cost of these systems varies by manufacturer. You can expect monthly fees or a one time up front fee.

Most motorcycles have a built in steering lock that is activated by turning the steering all the way to one side or the other and locking it in that position. If this is the only motorcycle security system you have, it is probably not enough to protect your bike from theft. This may be enough to deter the average person from taking off on your bike but professional thieves can easily defeat the steering lock.

One of the more affordable motorcycle security system options is to use a U lock and a chain. The U lock or disk brake lock keeps the rear wheel from turning. It can be defeated but it is a timely project. Adding a thick security chain and attaching it to a secure object such as fence railing or a lamp post offers even better protection. The thicker the chain the better. A 14mm hardened steel chain is very difficult to defeat. It would take a very impressive and costly bolt cutter to get through it. Using both a U lock and a chain will deter most thieves from even attempting to steal your motorcycle.

One of the best free motorcycle security system options is to simply remove the main fuse when you are finished riding. Without the main fuse the motorbike will not start. Another no-cost security option is to keep a screw driver with you on the bike and simply remove the clutch lever. It isn’t hard to do and you can simply carry the lever in your back pocket until you are ready to ride again.

In my opinion every motorcycle security system should include a hidden kill switch. This is so that in order to start the motorcycle you will have to press and hold the kill switch and start your bike at the same time. Even if someone has the keys and tries to start the bike, it won’t start unless they know about and use the hidden kill switch. But, of course, many thieves know about kill switches and are wise enough to look for them. So, a kill switch coupled with a U lock and a chain is a great way to ensure that your motorcycle is safe from the chop shop.

For added security, remember to park in areas that are well lit, where there are lots of people around, or in areas that have security cameras. If you are able to, it is also a good idea to cover your motorbike so potential thieves can’t make out what type of bike it is. Some bikes are more desirable to steal than others and if you own an expensive bike chances are that it will become a target. Be certain your motorcycle security system is in place.

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