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Motorcycle Mechanic Training

Motorcycle October 23, 2014

Working in the motorcycle industry can be a rewarding career. Finding the right motorcycle mechanic training is the hard part. In order to land a great job as a motorcycle repair technician with companies like BMW or Harley Davidson. you need the right training. Which schools offer affordable and comprehensive training?

The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute offers one of the best programs in the industry. This program offers manufacturer training. This means you are trained on the latest models, tools, and equipment supplied by the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The institute has two campuses, one in Orlando, FL and the other in Phoenix, AZ, and financial aid programs are available to those who qualify. These come in the form of grants, scholarships, and student loans. MMI offers different programs that range from 48 weeks to 102 weeks. You can really maximize your starting salary by completing the 102 week program.

Wyotech is a great technical institution with one of the country’s best motorcycle mechanic training programs. The program at Wyotech offers hands-on instruction and training with suspension, brake systems, engines, electrical systems, fuel systems, and service. Graduates of this program can find careers as a dealership motorcycle technician, performance shop technician, or specialty shop repair technician. The motorcycle mechanic training program offers students the ability to specialize in a certain area of technical training. Concentrations include Applied Service Management, Asian Concentration, European Concentration, Harley Davidson Concentration, and Off-road Concentration. Wyotech is an excellent institution that gives the students the training they need to succeed in the motorcycle industry.

YTI Career Institute Motorcycle Technology Center in York, PA. is among the top rated motorcycle mechanic training institutes in the nation. YTI’s motorsports technology program can be completed in as few as 9 months. Classes include motorcycle maintenance, brake systems, engines, transmissions, suspension, dynamometer, electronics, and diagnostics. The Motorcycle Technolgy Center is equipped with state of the art tools and equipment including a fully stocked parts department and a Dynojet dynamometer. All courses include hands-on training and graduates of the program have started careers with companies such as Harley Davidson and Roberts York County Choppers.

Penn Foster Career School offers an online motorcycle mechanic training program for those who work full time and are unable to attend a full time repair technician program. The program costs only $575 dollars and can be completed in as few as 3 months. Course work includes clutches, brakes, wheel assemblies, tires, electronics, maintenance, and trouble shooting. This is a great program for starting out in the field of motorcycle repair technician.

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