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Safety On The Road: Essential Motorcycle Gear

Safety Gear August 30, 2016

Essential Motorcycle Accessories To Ensure Your Safety


Putting on the right gear is just as vital as having a bike that is properly serviced and knowing how to ride it. The right safety gear could be the difference between sustaining life-threatening injuries and getting a few bruises and bumps. In this guide, we explain the most important motorcycle safety gears. Continue reading to learn more.


A helmet is, without a doubt, the most important protective gear for a motorbike rider. Choosing the right helmet could be the difference between life and death if you are involved in an accident. It is important that the helmet you choose fits correctly. A helmet won’t give you the protection you need in a crash if it doesn’t fit snugly around your head. Below are the most important things to consider when buying a helmet.


Make sure that you try a helmet first before you buy.

A helmet shouldn’t have pressure points or tight spots. Try it on for several minutes before you buy so that you don’t have to return it back after making a purchase

Low noise
The danger of a noisy helmet is that it can lead to fatigue which will naturally affect your concentration. There are many things that influence the noise of a helmet, and these include your riding position and the helmet’s fit. To buy the best model, talk to your dealer, fellow motorists or even go online to read reviews about what people are saying.


In any crash, you will instinctively want to put your hands down so as to protect yourself. Sadly, though, wrists and fingers are fragile and can easily sustain damage. It only takes a second or two after your hand makes contact with the ground for the skin of your hands to come out. It is therefore very important that you always ride with specialist motorcycling gloves. The majority of bike stores stock bike gloves for both summertime and winter. With these, you can be sure to be protected all year round.



According to research, 19% of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents involve broken bones, especially in the lower leg. This means that the lower leg is the part of your body that’s most likely to become injured in a crash.
It is therefore very important to protect your feet and ankles when riding. Here is what you need to consider when shopping for the best motorcycle boots:


Perfect fit
It is very important that the boots you purchase fit properly. If they are too tight, they are likely to make your feet numb and if they are too loose, you won’t have easy time maintaining control over brake and gear lever.

Too rigid boots will be uncomfortable. Test the flexibility of the boots by physically manipulating them.

Safe zips
In case the boots are zipped up, make sure that the flap under the zip is large enough. This is to ensure that the zip doesn’t allow water or directly rub on the ankle.

Jacket and Trousers

A small slide on a tarmac road, even at just 30 mph, will shred through your clothes and catch your skin in no time. You shouldn’t ride in your usual clothes because this puts you t great risk. You need to find clothing that shields you from abrasion and impact.

motorcycle Jacket

You may want to consider buying a suit made from a material that is highly waterproof, for instance, Cordura. Such suits have thermal linings that can be removed during summer or spring. They are adjustable with fitted cuffs and Velcro belts to form waterproof seals in the arms and at the neck.

Back Protectors

The work of back protectors is to absorb energy from impacts, and also help in preventing spine and rib damage. It also protects internal organs spleen and liver, all of which can be harmed by heavy external blow.


It is important that a back protector is of the right size. If the back protector is too small, it is not going to protect the delicate lumbar region, and if it’s too big, it will not fit under the riding gear. Label sizes normally refer to the length of the torso, which can be pretty confusing.


Other important safety accessories for motorcycle riders include kidney belts, ear plugs and back protectors. These can help protect you during a crash. While accidents do happen, we can prevent the extent of injuries. This is through wearing protective gear like boots, jackets and the right helmet.

The author Lucas Knight has 15 years of on-road experience. He cares to share his knowledge and experience in motorcycling with other riders.

Dirt Bike Safety Gear

Safety Gear October 18, 2014

Dirt bikes are loads of fun. I can think of no better way to blow off some steam than to hop on my bike and traverse the trails at my local off road course. But before you take off, make sure you have the best dirt bike safety gear available. Most courses that are open to the public have safety protocols in place, requiring that riders wear proper safety equipment. I don’t always like to wear all of the riding gear that is required, but I get that the course owners want to protect themselves from liability and to protect the riders from serious injury.

What are some of the required dirt bike safety gear? Many people think that all you need is a motorcycle helmet. I’ll be the first to tell you that you need much more. In addition to the helmet it’s imperative that you get a good set of goggles. If you are riding off-road in dirt and mud along side other riders, you can bet there will be debris flying in your face and eyes. Be sure to pick up some tear-off’s too. Tear-off’s really come in handy when you need to clear your goggles quickly.

Working our way down from the head, it’s also important to invest in a high quality neck brace. A neck brace can significantly reduce the amount of force placed on the neck and limit excessive movement in the spine.  A neck brace greatly reduces the possibility of injury.

Another important piece of equipment to have is the chest protector. The chest protector acts like a suit of armor in a crash. It protects the chest and back from impact and also helps to protect internal organs.

Aside from the helmet, knee braces are a must for me. I wouldn’t dare go off road without them. Accidents are a fact of life with dirt bikes and one of the most common areas of injury is the knee. Bruises, torn ligaments, scrapes, and sprains are prevalent among riders who choose not to wear knee braces. Knee braces can be costly but are a lot less expensive than knee surgery. Just get some.

Motorcycle boots are also a great investment. These boots are specially designed to protect the rider from motorcycle related injuries. They offer better protection for the lower leg, ankles, and foot area in general. There are many different styles and some offer better protection than others. My suggestion is to try on many different styles and brands until you find a pair that feels right for you.

On a final note, don’t forget your jersey, gloves, and pants. Many manufacturers offer these items in matching colors or designs. Not only do they offer additional protection, they also look cool.

Safe riding.

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