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Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Motorcycle October 28, 2014

fastest electric motorcycle

By Hbmallin (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Electric motorcycles are now leading the industry in speed. What is the fastest electric motorcycle? I know for certain that the fastest production electric motorcycle is the Lightening LS-218. This thing is scary fast. It’s top speed is a smoking 218 mph and generates 200 horsepower. Not only is it the fastest electric motorcycle, it is the fastest production motorcycle period. Lightening Motorcycles builds the LS-218 to your specs and the starting price is a whopping $38,888.

The LS-218 can travel anywhere from 100 to 180 miles on a single charge depending on the size of the battery pack. On top of all that power, the battery can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes if you have a quick charger. It will take around two hours if you use a level 2 charger. The builders of this superbike spared no expense in the components that make up this motorcycle.

For those of us who can’t afford 40 grand for the fastest electric motorcycle there are other options available. Zero Motorcycles has a line of very nice electric motorcycles with a much more affordable price tag. They may not be considered the fastest electric motorcycles but they still pack a punch and get you where you need to go in style. The 2015 Zero SR is an exceptional electric motorcycle. This motorbike has a range of around 185 miles in the city and around 94 on the highway. This bike tops out at around 102 mph with its 67 hp motor. No special charging equipment is needed either. Just plug it into any standard outlet.

The Zero SR is fairly easy on the wallet as well. Starting price for this model is $17,345. Not too bad for an all electric bike. Zero Motorcycles has other models available with even more affordable starting prices. The Zero FX has a starting price of only $9,845. It’s top speed is around 85 mph and has a range of around 70 miles before you have to charge it up again. Don’t be fooled by the 27 hp motor though. This bike can go from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.

Brammo MotorcyclesBrammo Motorcycles also makes one of the fastest electric motorcycle productions around. The Brammo Empulse R is one of these and it is an exceptional electric motorcycle. The Empulse R has a top speed of 110 mph and boasts an amazing 438 MPGe (MPG electric equivalency). This motorbike can be charged at any standard nationwide charging infrastructure or at home using any standard wall outlet.

The new Empulse R is also affordable with a starting price of just $13,995 and is one of the fastest electric motorcycles available today. And Brammo has less powerful motorcycles available with even lower starting prices. Imagine the money you will save on not having to buy gas, oil changes, and routine maintenance. Electric motorcycles actually require less maintenance than standard gasoline engines. An electric motor will also easily out live a gasoline motor by thousands of miles.

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