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5 Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Bike Faster

Motorcycle, Uncategorized November 1, 2016

Each person has their reasons for riding a bike. But the most common motivating factor riders share is the desire for freedom. When cruising down the open road, you can feel the wind in your face – and in that moment – nothing else matters. If the end-game is to make your motorcycle even faster without spending a lot of money, you might be wondering where to start in order to reach your goal.

Here’s some good news: there are several methods to increase the speed of your bike that won’t force you into bankruptcy. The performance of a bike can be optimized with these low-cost ways, therefore, allowing you to enjoy the sensation of adventure even more.



No. 1: New Tires

When it comes to increasing a bike’s performance, many riders picture upgrading the engine components. It’s imperative to think outside the box in order to get the most from your bike without spending a fortune. Although, tire quality may not enhance the speed at which motorcycles can travel, reliable tires work wonders for acceleration.

A new set of tires will provide impressive traction, allowing the bike to grip the road with ease. If it’s been a while since changing your tires, it will be a shock by how much this small modification improves performance and maneuverability. As a bonus, the right set of tires makes the bike much safer to ride.

No. 2: Tire Pressure

Although purchasing a new set of tires is a great start, it’s not enough to make the bike faster. In addition, check tire pressure if you want to ensure tires will adequately function. When tires have the right amount of air, they will easily grip the road each time you pull the throttle.

Furthermore, air temperature can also impact tire pressure. For each 10-degree increase, expect an additional 1 pound per square inch. The exact amount of pressure needed depends on several factors. Information is printed on the side of tires for additional and helpful reference.

No. 3 Suspension

Adding an adjustable suspension to your bike will go a long way when it comes to enhancing speed and handling. This action is something many bikers overlook, which results in repressing the motorcycle’s ultimate performance. The ability to adjust suspension for your weight and driving style will take your riding experience to the next level.

You will enjoy even more control during joyrides because the bike will respond to input with astonishing precision. When first replacing your suspension, you might need to experiment with different settings until you discover what works the best for you.

No. 4: New Exhaust

If the standard exhaust is still installed on your bike, then it might be slowing you down unexpectedly. When the mission is to make your motorcycle as fast as possible, consider a lighter exhaust system. Having less weight means lesser resistance that holds you back. For the next-level step, try altering the fuel mapping. The right adjustments will contribute to a perfect performance.

No. 5: Sprockets & Chains

Drop teeth on your front sprocket and add teeth to your rear sprocket. It changes the gear ratio to give your bike a huge increase in acceleration. Also, a new chain is generally required when you change the new sprockets. If you’re using aluminum, you will also lighten the rotational mass and further improve performance. Most 600 sport bikes will opt for a 520 conversion as well.

Final Thoughts

In spite of popular belief, increasing the speed of your bike does not need to be expensive, and anyone can make the needed changes regardless of budget. Rather than investing in all the upgrades at once, you can make small enhancements over time. After you start making these small and inexpensive changes, you will feel the enhanced power and performance each time you ride.

You have just made one of the greatest pleasures in life – riding a motorcycle – even more enjoyable. It’s electrifying feeling the rush of adrenaline as the engine roars. But as you increase the speed of your bike, always prioritize safety.

Author Bio

Trevor is a writer and entrepreneur whose passions include cars, engines, bikes and riding. He writes for Solo Moto Parts where they sell motorcycle parts, accessories and gear.

Motorbike Accident Claim

Uncategorized October 23, 2014

Motorbike Accident Claim

Photo credit: Alvimann from morguefile.com

Accidents involving a motorcycle happen everyday. So what do you do when you have been involved in an accident while riding your bike? The first thing to do is to assess the situation. Is everyone involved in the accident okay? If anyone is seriously injured get emergency medical personnel to the scene as soon as possible. Call the police to report the accident. Try to remain calm. It is easy to become emotional after an accident. Do not scream and yell at the other person even if it was their fault. This can only make matters worse and can even escalate the situation into a full blown physical altercation.

Become your own investigator. While at the scene of the accident, gather as much information as possible about what just transpired. Write down the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved. Write down their names, phone numbers, and insurance information. Document the location of the accident. Street names, location of intersection, witness names and contact information are essential in your defense. All of this information is important when you contact your insurance company to process a motorbike accident claim.

Take pictures of the accident scene. Use your cell phone to get as much photographic evidence as possible of the accident. Remember the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Insurance companies can use photos to gain a better understanding of how the accident transpired. All of the information you have collected can easily be submitted for your motorbike accident claim via fax or e-mail. If a police report is filed, it may indicate to the insurance company that you were not at fault for the accident. In the case that fault isn’t easily determined, then all of the information you have collected will greatly benefit you in getting the insurance company to see it your way.

Be sure to submit your claim as soon as possible. Call your insurance company to file your motorbike accident claim. Give them all of the information you were able to gather at the scene. Give them the insurance information of the other person involved in the accident and the police report number. Tell them to the best of your ability what happened without saying it was your fault. Remember, it is up to the police and the insurance company to determine who is at fault.

After the motorbike accident claim has been filed, the insurance company may send an adjuster to determine the amount of damage done to the motorcycle. If the motorbike is deemed to be unrepairable, you will normally receive payment of what the bike was worth before the accident.

If it is determined that the other person involved in the accident was at fault, then your insurance company will work closely with the other person’s insurance to make sure they pay for any damages to your motorcycle and any related medical expenses. Every motorbike accident claim is different so be sure to send as much information as you possibly can to your insurance company so you can get a favorable outcome.

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Hello Motorcycle Enthusiast!

Uncategorized August 11, 2014

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